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Colic is a common condition in early infancy and it affects 25% of babies. The primary sign is inconsolable crying, even after all of the reasons a baby cries are addressed, such as feeding and diaper changes. These long bouts of crying are often due to abdominal pains and the problem can persist for weeks. While the excessive crying can last hours in one stretch of time and can leave parents feeling hopeless and tired, chiropractic care can help with natural techniques.

The definition of colic by the Mayo Clinic is “crying more than three hours a day a week for more than three weeks.” The average baby improves after three months; however, some infants struggle with the symptoms longer. There are not many treatments available because colic is considered to be self-resolving and the cause is unknown. Prescription drugs have been shown to be unsuccessful and can even have adverse side effects. Chiropractic care takes a natural approach to resolving colic, and since it gets to the root of the problem rather than treating symptoms, can also help with other issues like constipation, vertebral subluxation, torticollis, and much more.

Chiropractic Treatment for Colic:

One study suggests a connection between vertebral subluxation and childhood disorders like colic, feeding difficulties, torticollis, and occipital flattening. A three-month old male was brought to a chiropractor with all four of the childhood disorders listed above and was given chiropractic adjustments and Craniosacral Therapy. The goal was to correct the upper cervical spine by reducing vertebral subluxation in that area. After the fourth adjustment, all four of the childhood disorders, including colic, were resolved.

In another study, an eight-week old female was brought to a chiropractor because of excessive crying that could last for 5 hours at a time. She was also wincing in pain when making bowel movements. Static, motion, and muscle palpation was used, as well as light impulse finger adjustments. The chiropractic care lasted 4 weeks and there were 8 visits total. After the first visit, improvements were noticed, and by the final visit, a complete resolution was achieved. It was reported after a year that the condition never returned and the patient is healthy.

Get Relief from Colic Today:

While your primary concern may be to help your infant get relief from colic, it’s also important that parents get the help they need too. It can be a very trying time for parents when trying to comfort a baby with colic, and chiropractors know that you are doing everything possible to help your child and get the rest and peace you need.

Chiropractic care uses a natural and gentle approach to ensure that you and your baby are comfortable. Because each infant is unique, individualized care is provided to ensure that all symptoms are explored and the best chiropractic techniques are applied for a positive outcome.

If your infant suffers from colic and you are ready to find relief for your family, call Restoration Chiropractic, or come by our office location.


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