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Chiropractor For Ear Infections

Ear infections are commonly diagnosed in children, and when left untreated, they can even present themselves in adulthood. The signs that your child has an ear infection (also known as otitis media) are popping in the ear, trouble hearing, problems with coordination and balance, dizziness, and pressure buildup. If you notice that your child is rubbing his or her ear to find relief or complaining of discomfort, and the problem continues to persist, then a chiropractor can help.


Because children don’t have a fully developed Eustachian tube, bacteria is able to access this part of the ear easier. This middle ear infection affects 20-30% of the pediatric population in their early years, and in some cases it can be a recurring pain. It is up to the parent if they want to seek treatment for ear infections, and in many cases doctors wait and watch to see if the issue clears up on its own because antibiotics are often ineffective. A chiropractor doesn’t just treat the condition of an ear infection but is focused on restoring the whole body so each part works together in a healthy way. Many studies have shown that chiropractic care can resolve ear infections and other childhood ailments quickly, easily, and without pain, discomfort, or potentially dangerous side effects.

Ear Infection Chiropractic Care Treatments:

A case study conducted by two chiropractors focused on a 6-year-old female that suffered from acute otitis media from the age of four months. The painful earaches would occur on a regular basis when being exposed to cold wind and water, and she had gone on antibiotics 25 times. The girl lost her balance often and had a constant cough. Applied kinesiology was used, which addresses how nutritional, hormonal, and emotional elements influence the body.

After four chiropractic visits over the course of three months, the imbalance, earaches, and infections were all resolved. The girl was able to swim and be exposed to cold air without pain or developing an earache. The problems that lasted for over 5 years had not returned at a follow-up appointment two years after initial treatment.

In another study, a two-year old girl was having trouble sleeping, complaining of skin sensitivity, and suffering from chronic otitis media. She had been clinically diagnosed with a fractured clavicle and chronic ear infections. Because of the hypersensitivity and pain, the girl would display violent tendencies towards her sister and have temper tantrums.

The chiropractor utilized the activator methods technique and low-force, high-speed specific adjustments were given, along with other techniques and treatments. In just three adjustments, the patient slept through the night for the first time, and after four adjustments, she had fewer outbursts towards her sister. It took two months of chiropractic care for the hypersensitivity to reduce, but she could comfortably wear clothes and be hugged after that time. By the fourth month, the ear infections were resolved, the girl was sleeping through the night, and she didn’t feel any more skin sensitivity.

Relief from Ear Infection Pain:

While children are more prone to ear infections, they can happen to people of all ages. If you or a loved one suffers from otitis media or other ear issues, contact Restoration Chiropractic, or come by our office to set an appointment for a physical assessment and individualized care.


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