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Co-Owner and Chiropractor

Dr. Bryce Colt

Dr. Bryce grew up right here in Owasso, Oklahoma.  He played football and baseball for Owasso and spent his undergraduate years playing baseball before heading to Kansas City for chiropractic school. Dr. Bryce attended Cleveland University - Kansas City, one of the highest rated chiropractic colleges in the nation for National Licensure Exam scores.  While attending Cleveland, he pursued additional courses outside the required curriculum through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. He also is trained in the Webster Technique, which is an advanced certification that instructs doctors how to specifically care for prenatal and postpartum mothers.

In his free time, you can find him on the golf course, spending time with family, or at the lake!  His favorite show is the Office and he loves watching it with his dogs and daughter, Collins.


Dr. Bryce is passionate about chiropractic because he has seen its impact in his own life (no more neck spasms!) and the people that he has worked with.  He is eager and excited to educate his community about the importance of neurologically-based chiropractic care. Dr. Bryce has a heart for serving and wants to see this community become one of the healthiest, drug-free communities in America.

Co-Owner and Chiropractor

Dr. Allie Colt

Dr. Allie was born and raised right here in Owasso, OK. She played Varsity soccer at Owasso High School and met her high school sweetheart (Dr. Bryce) at age 15! After graduating, Dr. Allie attended the University of Oklahoma where she studied Health and Exercise Science. Dr. Allie then moved to Kansas City to attend Cleveland University for their Chiropractic program. Dr. Allie has taken specialty courses outside of the curriculum to help her care for pregnant and post-partum moms, infants, and children.

In her free time Dr. Allie enjoys playing golf, traveling to new places, and spending time with her family, friends, and dogs! (and of course being Mom to her daughter Collins!)

Dr. Allie has seen the major impact of chiropractic care in her own life, which is why she is so passionate about her career. In elementary school, she was helped with her scoliosis and allergies. Her second testimonial comes multiple years later, when her menstrual cycle became irregular (9 years) and then eventually completely vanished (11 months), she was told after many blood panels, hormone panels and diagnostic testing that she would most likely struggle with infertility. After being under care for just 2 months, her cycle came back and has been regular ever since! Dr. Allie cannot wait to see the impact chiropractic care will have on her favorite community!


Lead Chiropractic Assistant

Adrianne Moon

Adrianne grew up and graduated from Skiatook High School. She ran track for 5 years and met her high school sweetheart at the age of 14. Adrianne spent her previous 6 years working on an ortho, neuro, trauma floor in the hospital. That’s where her passion to help people grew!


In her free time, Adrianne enjoys watching movies and being outside. She has a deep devotion for being a mother to her two kids, and spending time with her family. On any given Saturday night, you can find her at Ron's Hamburgers enjoying her favorite meal, or out 4-wheeling with her friends.


Adrianne is eager to help people achieve their health goals after seeing all the benefits that a neurologically-based chiropractic practice can provide and building relationships within the community.

Patient Experience Coordinator

Savannah Duke

Savannah was born and raised in Southern California. She loved living by the beach and playing volleyball for her club and high school teams. Savannah moved to Oklahoma in 2016 where she graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Boomer!). For the past three and a half years, Savannah worked as a Registered Nurse at Saint Francis Hospital on an Orthopedic Trauma and Joint Replacement unit. Her experience at the hospital increased her passion for serving others.  She believes in the human body’s innate ability to heal and in the importance of prioritizing preventative care. 


In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband, Michael, and their sweet cat, Tinsel. She enjoys having friends over for home-cooked dinners and game nights. Some of her other favorite activities include going on long walks, playing pickleball and reading a good book.


Through consistent chiropractic care, Savannah has experienced improvement in headaches, mid-back pain and sleep quality. She is passionate about educating others on the vast range of benefits of neurologically-based chiropractic care and providing encouragement to others wherever they are on their health journey. Savannah loves being a part of the Restoration Chiropractic team and serving this wonderful community.

Head Office Puppers

Mango Man

Mango is our sweet Goldendoodle. Mango loves long walks (on or off the beach). He's a big fan of peanut butter flavored treats, green beans in his food, or anything he can sneak away with!

Catch Mango sleeping in the back office, avoiding the excitement at the front desk. Sometimes, he gets a wild hair and will greet you at the front!

Loves a good scratch.

Master of Chaos

Baby Atlas

Atlas is an enthusiastic Bernedoodle! His favorite time of the day is when he's getting a full scoop of food into his bowl! He loves to run around like a mad-man in the back yard.

Catch Atlas jumping up on the front desk as soon as you walk through the door! If he's not doing that, he's definitely in the back destroying a fluffy toy.

Belly rubs are the way to his heart.

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