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Back Pain

Back pain and chronic back pain affects about 100 million people in America today. It is reported that over 80% of all Americans will suffer from some form of back pain in their lifetime, which could be limiting or debilitating. No one likes pain, but back pain may cause the greatest discomfort because it can limit your mobility and daily functioning in addition to being uncomfortable.

Back Pain

Everyone is different, but the predominant symptoms of back pain include persistent aching and stiffness in the back, localized pain in the back or neck that radiates outward, the inability to stand straight without pain or spasms, and a chronic ache after sitting or standing for long periods of time. Everyone suffers from these in one form or another during their life, but there are some who have these chronic pains and suffer daily.

Results of
Back Pain on

Back pain may prevent you from wanting to do anything other than lie in bed. Unfortunately for some, even lying in bed is not comfortable. People miss work and school on a regular basis because of back pain and they suffer through the pain because they have been told that ibuprofen or rest will help to alleviate the problem as much as it can be alleviated. Sufferers are always looking for options to avoid going to the doctor or suffering for longer, and many look at chiropractic care and reducing the vertebral subluxations to resolve back pain.

When Rest
and Medicines
Don't Work:

The majority of medical doctors suggest surgery or major invasive measures to repair back pain, but there are alternatives to such extreme treatments. There as options that chiropractors have been utilizing, such as The Pierce Results System, which attempts to restore the proper structure of the spine to minimize or eliminate the pain. Other chiropractors have found the diversified technique to be effective, which uses high-velocity maneuvers and manual thrusts to correct the mechanical distortions, or misalignments, of the spine.

Chiropractic Results on
Back Pain:

In a report published in 2011, chiropractors found that utilizing the Pierce Results system was able to reduce lower back pain in related cases within 6 weeks of treatments. The length of time required for optimal results is based on the fact that the back tends to compensate and undo the alignment based on what it’s used to, so it takes repetition and regular adjustments to achieve optimal alignment and reduction of pain.  The diversified technique can work within a shorter timeframe, but it would require regular follow up visits to maintain the reduction of pain for the person suffering.

Overall Results:

These reports are promising for people suffering from back pain, particularly those with chronic or debilitating pain who choose not to have amajor surgery. Some people actually report that after back surgery, the pain is even worse than before, so chiropractic is absolutely an ideal option that is worth exploring. 

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