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Bed Wetting

Many children throughout the United States experience nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting for many years. It is determined that around 5 to 7 million children over the age of six are suffering from this condition. The stigma of this condition is largely due to the embarrassment of bedwetting and the creation of low self-esteem from having accidents when other kids are not. The children suffering from this are often capable of not having accidents, but they need the confidence and some extra help to stay dry at night and get past this condition.

Phycological Effects:

The stigma that these children are suffering is also reflected on the parents. The emotions and embarrassment is enough to cause problems for the child and the family, so a solution to the symptoms is a huge plus both physically and emotionally for everyone involved. When given assistance in facing this problem, children often feel like they are regaining some semblance of control in their life and that can help them psychologically. Thankfully, there is physical help available too. Chiropractic care has provided improvements for a number of patients dealing with nocturnal enuresis.


Studies are showing positive results that are promising to sufferers of nocturnal enuresis. One study showed improvements in a young patient who also suffered from Autistic Syndrome Disorder (ASD). After the evaluation, it was determined that the patient had an atlas subluxation and with chiropractic treatments, the adjustments helped out with the subluxation and helped to level the hips and bilateral weight distribution. This improvement was seen immediately after the very first adjustment. Additional treatments were done, but the child was able to completely stop wetting the bed after the initial treatments.

Relief of 

One study followed an 11-year old boy who had been suffering from bedwetting for years, and he was also suffering from attention problems. After the initial exam, it was shown that the patient had a subluxation, which was determined to be the likely cause of the bed wetting symptoms. Contact-specific treatments were performed in the area of the subluxation and over the course of the treatments, there was a significant decrease in the episodes of bedwetting. Additionally, the patient’s attention issues were resolved and he was much more attentive to his parents and in school.

Changing Lives:

Other studies have shown similar results in making beneficial changes in patients’ lives. A 9-year old boy looked to chiropractic care to solve his bed wetting issues. Just as in most of the case studies, a vertebral subluxation was shown in the patient which was likely the cause of the issue. After the motion palpations, the subluxation was revealed and the treatments of high velocity, specific adjustments were applied and similar results were observed as in the other cases.

Chiropractic Options:

There is no need to live with the embarrassment and stigmas associated with bedwetting. Studies are showing that chiropractic care can help out with relieving nocturnal enuresis and it can allow for a normal life. With such promising results, pursuing chiropractic care is a positive step to resolving bedwetting issues 

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