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Eye Sight

Life is full of beautiful images, and if an eye sight issue is causing a problem, then searching for a solution is usually on the top of the list of things to do. Chiropractic studies have been looking into the correlation of adjustments and the improvement of visual acuity, as well as searching for a solution of eye sight issues that have been hampering the patients suffering from these symptoms.

Chiropractic Investigations:

Chiropractic care can help with a large number of ailments, due to the proper alignment of the body allowing it to work effectively. Some studies have been completed to determine the effectiveness of adjustments in relation to eye sight issues. In these studies, it has been determined that upper cervical care has significant relation to visual acuity. Since a solution can be provided with chiropractic adjustments, then there are many options and much hope for those suffering from eye sight issues.

Studies with Promise:

One study dealt with an 18-year old female who had become completely blind after a stroke. During the initial examination, the patient was complaining of back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, as well as numbness and tingling in both arms and her left leg and foot. With those symptoms present, it seems obvious that something was not right in her spinal area. After her stroke, she had to undergo surgery, and afterwards her vision began to lessen until it was completely gone. After two upper cervical adjustments using Toggle Recoil Technique, the patient recovered complete vision in her left eye. After 11 weeks of treatment, her vision was still clear and her seizures and migraines had reduced in frequency.

Diabetic Vision Problems:

A 46-year old man was suffering from intraocular pressure as result of diabetic retinopathy, so he looked into chiropractic care. He had been complaining of numbness in both arms and the fingers on his left hand and had total vision loss for the past five years. After 8 months of care, the patient began seeing colors from his left eye. The intraocular pressure was also decreased from the treatments as well.

Occipital Lobe Epilepsy:

A 9- year old girl was another study participant who saw substantial results from chiropractic care. She was having uncontrolled blinking in her left eye as the result of occipital lobe epilepsy. In the study, she was adjusted using the Blair technique and after the first treatment, the twitching decreased. After three weeks of treating, it completely stopped. She is still seeing positive and lasting results two years later.

Seeing is Believing:

Improvements of eye sight issues are directly related to effective chiropractic care. Some patients who haven’t seen anything for years have begun seeing shapes and colors, and some have even had their vision completely restored! This is a huge step in showing that the chiropractic care is helping these patients and is a great treatment option for those experiencing eye sight issues.

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