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Herniated Discs

Spinal discs are the rubbery pads that support your vertebrae and act as shock absorbers in your back. If your spinal discs have any protrusion or herniation, pain and other health problems can occur as a result. A herniation can happen for a number of reasons, including stretching too far, a sports-related injury, an automobile accident, or even age. No matter what the reason for cause of the herniated disc injury, the pain can be excruciating and a person suffering from a herniated disc is likely looking for an effective solution.


Some doctors prescribe surgery for herniated discs. Usually this is required if the herniation is severe and has broken the tissue and ligaments that hold it in place. Surgery is a very serious and invasive procedure that should only be done if all other methods have been attempted. Chiropractic care has resulted in substantial improvements in herniated disc issues in a majority of patients. Chiropractic adjustments are used to manipulate the vertebrae and over a specific period of treatment can help to relieve or alleviate the herniation of the disc, in addition to reducing pain from the injury.

Chiropractic Studies:

Studies are showing a definite improvement in patients receiving chiropractic care for herniated discs. One study saw patients who had been told they needed low back surgery or an epidural block due the herniation, but they instead received relief from chiropractic treatment. These patients were having problems lying down or sleeping due to the pain. With spinal adjustments done regularly over a course of five weeks, the pain subsided in most individuals to the extent that their pain level lowered so much that they could sleep and lie down without the pain they had before.

Surgery vs. Chiropractic Care:

Some medical doctors are trying to convince patients that chiropractic manipulation can cause more damage and even lead to long-term lower back pain. The evidence for that claim simply is not there, especially when you use a properly trained doctor to perform your chiropractic care. The main factor that you should look at when considering chiropractic care is that your chiropractor takes a full medical history and completes a thorough physical exam to determine the extent of your injury and how to properly treat the issue at hand.

Herniated Discs Resolutions:

The pain involved with a herniated disc can be excruciating, and every little movement can intensify it. Relief is available with chiropractic care, which has been proven as an effective remedy for both pain relief and long-term healing, so there is no reason to suffer any longer.

With proper examination and a properly trained chiropractor, you can have relief soon. With continued treatments the pain will subside and the likelihood of long-term pain and suffering will disappear.

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